Against New Games

Against New Games

1. Good Graphics Aren’t Valuable

2. The Hardware Treadmill is Unnecessary

3. Harmful Practices are Industry Standard

4. Good Games Don’t Age

5. Lower Quality of New Games

What Can We Do?

  1. Reject graphical quality as an influence on your interpretation of a game’s value.
  2. Reject any game that cannot be played an old hardware.
  3. Reject any game that is designed or released with harmful practices.
  4. Configure your system to make full use of the emulation options available
  5. Consider all new games released today alongside all games released in the past, not just in comparison to those of its own generation.
  6. Consider all new games released today from a long-term perspective. Ask yourself, 20 years from now, would I choose to play this game, or the 40 year old one?