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5 Steps to Save a Nation

How to save a nation in 5 steps:

  1. First, you kill the Jews, who always seek to ruin and exploit other nations.
  2. Then, you remove any peoples who are not native to the country in question*.
  3. Then, you remove any vestigial influence left by the Jews, either by re-education, physical removal or otherwise. This includes everything under the cultural marxist platform: feminism, homosexuality, "sexual revolution," etc.
  4. Then, you will work to re-coup and re-discover any heritage that may have been lost due to Jewish influence. You will work to carefully modernize your country based on the principles traditional to its native culture.
  5. Now you may allow non-natives into the country but with limited rights on a temporary basis. Other peoples and countries will not be discriminated against, they will each be considered meritable under their own culture; but nothing will be done to draw their influence into the country's own identity.