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Privilege as it Relates to Racial Responsibility

Here’s a math problem. A Chinese guy’s running a corner shop in a bad part of town. He doesn’t have time for bourgeois concerns over microaggressions or systemic racism. He’s just trying to make ends meet by minimizing shoplifting.

A black teen & a white teen both walk into the shop separately. He can only keep his eye on one at a time. He doesn’t recognize either of them, but from previous experience, black have been the ones who steal most often. Inversely, he has almost never caught a white shoplifting. This doesn’t come out of any racism, it’s just pattern recognition based on data. Whether or not it’s due to their poverty or education levels isn’t relevant to the shop owner, all that matters is which individual is more likely to steal.

Acting logically, should he split his attention evenly, or focus more on one?

Of course he’ll focus on the black. Is this unfair to the individual? Perhaps, but the shopowner is only being rational.

Now the white has an opportunity to exploit his “privilege” and steal with lower risk of getting caught. But he doesn’t. Why not? Because if he did, then whites would no longer have that privilege.

There’s a racial responsibility they each carry as a group, and they can act selfishly and dishonorably at scale to exploit their privilege, or choose not to. The whites earned their privilege by acting honorably & continue to maintain it by not exploiting their privilege.

The blacks, on the other hand, did exploit their basic trust by stealing, lost the privilege, & continued to steal, never earning it back. So the shopowner watches him like a hawk. Is it unfair? To the individual maybe, but as a group, they collectively earned their position. If they want something to change, it doesn’t start with blaming the chinese shopowner for being racist, it doesn’t start with the blaming the white for being privileged, it starts with the blacks-for not deserving privilege.

If you want to be treated like white people, you have to start acting like them. The Asians did it, why can’t you?