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TTRPG's White Male Heritage

I got banned from /tg/ for pointing out that exclusively “white men” had completely invented military war gaming, recreational war gaming and finally tabletop RPG. so why does it matter if minority’s aren’t represented or feel welcomed? it’s not their space.

But what about Go and Shogi?

by military war gaming, I mean war games that were developed and used by the military to simulate tactical warfare, e.g. Kriegsspiell.

Go, Shogi, Chess, etc. are boardgames that are abstractions of war. Modern boardgames trace their lineage to them. TTRPG's do not except as far Prussian wargames might have taken inspiration from any kind of gaming, which is something independently developed in every culture. Wargaming and boardgaming represent two separate modern lineages, and roleplaying games were irrefutably born out of the former.

D&D's development is well documented and the influences they traced continuously follow an exclusively White Male tradition all the way down the line, even as far as its pulp Scifi/fantasy literature goes (though one can admit to the presence of some White Female influence in that field even if none are noted in Appendix N). The tradition of recreational wargaming began in Prussia and later migrated to the UK (the first use of miniatures was by a Scotsman), and eventually came to be dominated by America. Nowhere in wargaming history are non-Whites "represented".

But minorities did contribute to ruin TTRPG's in the 90s after forcing themselves into the White Male space. Any TTRPG system that was ever released after AD&D 1e (excepting MYFAROG) is terminal cancer.