Miya Black Hearted Metal Angel Baby

Miya's Guide to Women!

  1. Women aren’t bad, the Jews made them bad. Women aren’t to blame, rather the weak men that came before you who failed to protect them.
  2. Female attraction is in every aspect derived from the fundamental goal of finding the best mate to deliver and support the strongest offspring.
  3. If you can’t find a good woman it’s probably because you’re not a good man.
  4. If you work on becoming a good man, women will come to you without you trying. It’s your job as a good man to identify the good women.
  5. Good women always have strong father figures in their lives. Good wives consider their husband to replace their father figure.
  6. Women have some underlying spoiled tendencies but it’s by design. They’re meant to be tamed by a strong male figure and accomplishing it proves you worthy to replace their father.
  7. If you treat your women rightly, her love will blossom like a flower. If you ignore her feminine essence, do not tame her inner child and do not encourage her creativity, she will spoil and turn rotten.
  8. A husband is to his wife as a parent is to their child. Your women should not been seen as below you, just like you wouldn’t see a child as such, but their limitations should be understood: they should be treated with patience, care and calm, and should never be expected to hold the same degree of responsibility and work as you. Just as it’s absurd to expect such from a child, it’s absurd to expect it of a wife.
  9. Never devalue women. They each have boundless love, empathy and creative energy to provide to any man that deserves it. They are the givers of life and deeply embued with a intuitive and social intelligence that no man will ever match. The genders are equal in inherent value and importance, the balance of both is necessary for proper union, but they are essentially different in every way and the gendered roles that result are essential to a functioning household and marriage. Thinking they’re the same is the root of destroyed modern relationships, and this has been done entirely by design.