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Causes of Male Homosexuality

There are only 3 theories that provide a possible explanation for the cause of male homosexuality:

  1. Estrogen overdose in the fetal stage due to genetic malfunction
  2. childhood sexual abuse; very common in the male homosexual community (and they are also extremely over represented in committing it, thereby achieving reproduction)
  3. some kind of parasite influencing rewiring the hosts sexual neural receptors, eg toxoplasmosis

The modern epidemic is most likely some combination of all three

Prostate Stimulation

existence of a male g spot isn’t some kind of proof of evolutionary selection for homosexuality. The prostate is responsible for semen release and endocrine hormone production, and happens to be located in reach via sodomy. Prostrate orgasms need to be trained, rewiring the brains sexual response cycles.

Prostate stimulation is a sexual deviancy, a fetish that happens to have some biological basis (just like masochism) rather than a pure mental foundation.

Female Homosexuality

Female homosexuality differs greatly in character from male homosexuality due to their sexuality being tied very strongly to the emotional and social, rather than physical. "All girls can be lesbian" because it only takes replacing their social context and hi-jacking their emotional cues to retain their sexuality into something deviant.