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National Socialism

National Socialism really is the model of an ideal society for most people, left & right. This is because the entire design of the system is built around one singular goal: maximizing the well-being of its citizens. A most noble goal, and every principle followed from it:

The people had total freedom in everything from business to guns, while still having the strongest social, elderly, ecological and animal welfare initiatives in history. They ended fiat currency and built a labor-backed dollar; they banned usury, taking interest on loans, to eliminate debt-slavery.

The only economic interventions made were in regulating things that have the potential for degeneration, negative influence society, such as advertising or porn. The only restrictions on freedom of speech were that threatened to damage society. To eliminate destructive foreign influence, they restricted media outlets to only their own citizens.

They heavily emphasized the right to employment, providing nationalized jobs when none were available (they are the only nation to ever achieve 0% unemployment). They were strict with criminals, with violent crime placed on the same level as financial exploitation. They encouraged the health and physical fitness of their youth; they supported their mothers. They maintained full religious freedom.

Who can disagree with any of this? It's a utopian society, and it existed. There are only two caveats. One, the citizenship was limited to people who were actually German—true of many countries today (try getting a Chinese, Japanese or S. Korean citizenship) but still against the leftist dream of the above utopia + brownwashing. But second, and most important, they expelled the Jews.

Of course, that's what made utopia possible in the first place. It's also why they were antagonized into an unwanted war, and after had their reputation destroyed in an attempt to make the world forget its only living utopia.

But now you know, and you only have to sacrifice one thing to get it. Is it really a hard trade?