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Top 100 Funny Jokes!

bursts into the room, open sesame. the cashier of the boba joint is shocked at my magick(yes, with a k,) and the entire restaurant cheers for me to get free boba 4life, i guess that just comes with the territory of being a cool teen in twenty eighteen

google.com my loli takes a picture of herself every day for ten years but halfway through it's a different girl

"'yeah my gf? asexual. that's why I don't mind Quon'Del and her hanging out alone at his place. : )'"

wtf my mom took away my mouse and keyboard.. whatever i guess ill spend some time with my boring ass wife then


I'm gonna prescribe at least 2 mommy doujin a day alright?


yeah so what i did was i thought about things abstractly, rationally, intuitively, and instinctually and came to the conclusion that dexter's lab was really cool as fuck

fat cums is a human right

Uhhhhh, you can't ban a moderator.

this is a madhouse and i want nothing to do with it. fuck all of you and your dumb offenseive "bits"

your bits have done some real fucking fdamage this time

yes im gonna go to a nazbol server run by a femboy who is a known master internet manipulator where he has harbored refugees from miyas world, a weird anime tranny server and expect epic free thinking...

yeah, i'm a paganistic nazbol hyperhistorian. let's just say the conclusions i make every 10 seconds are ones you couldn't hope to think of in your entire lifetime.


does anyone else hate it when they are late for work because miya's long dick was blocking traffic?

funny story when i got my keyboard i first started typing and it felt really good because the actuation force was so low and the switches also have linear feedback because they are cherry mx red gamer switches so that was really nice i had to get the keyboard because my old keyboard was breaking down i was playing world of warcraft pvp as an elemental shaman on a cataclysm private server and my e button wouldn't work and my e button was bound to lava lash which if you can remember is a very important skill for lots of damage but i digress so when i got my keyboard that issue was solved however the girl i was talking to in world of warcraft and also did pvp with wasnt pretty and her boobs werent big so i made pictures of me with my keyboard in hope of finding girlfriend what i did was turn the lights off and then plug in the keyboard because the leds it had were also red since the switches were cherry mx red and i have no girlfriend

:warning: ATTENTION: :warning: !!!IF YOU KNOW ANY GIRLS WITH BPD INVITE THEM HERE!!! Embrace the Borderline culture.

lefties - wow this server is so toxic and right wing, racist, and anti-semitic
righties - i dont want to join your leftist cesspit tranny soapbox filled with literal communists
serious posters - oh right that server? that server is the epitome of "i was just pretending to be retarded. total cancer dude"
epic posters - x) my home....

because people like me exist who enjoy and gets turnedon by suffering of woman

les autiste de la soniacord

fear me for i am to become a great figure of power and knowledge with a harem of beautiful 15 year old white girls
my beauty will take no shape, only one of immense beauty. mortals will look upon me and feel raw orgasms that they have never felt before in their lives
i, as a diety of sex, knowledge, and power will bring you all into salvation
i will be able enter the computer
i will have regular lunch get togethers with elon musk, president trump, and tom brady
we will conspire about things that mortals cant understand
midway through the lunch president trump leans into my ear
and whispers

id just jerk off through my underwear and then it'd soak and smell like a swimming pool

Tfw look at only 1 diaper fetish porno and all of a sudden I am bombarded with diaper ads

I Am Madly In Love With An 11 Year Old Girl Who Told Me She Was 18. It Makes Sense Why She Has The Delicious Body Of A 12 Year Old Now. She Says That Once She Is 16 She Is Going To Give Me Her Body. She Has Great Taste In Music And Loves Brian Eno. She Has No Friends In Middle School Because She Stinks And Listens To Ambient Noise All Day. But I Am Here To Love Her. I Love My 11 Year Old Discord Baby Girl Princess.

WE'RE not going anywhere. YOU, however, are taking a scenic tour of rp_downtown_night

les stutter type autiste de la soniacord.....

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Irony, is in fact, Meta/Irony, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Meta plus Irony. Irony is not humor unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning meta system made useful by the meta jokes, in-humor and a history of drama comprising a full discord community as defined by the community's rules of conduct (nepotism).

look everyone i'm not going to say that i'm directly responsible for tsu's khazar kitty cock growing an entra 2 inches in length and girth spontaneously. but i'm not going to say i didn't cause it. so lets just leave it at that

Kovio's singing needs improvement, maybe he has gotten better since I have last heard it, but my experience with it has be a monotone series of mumbling slightly off beat made to purposefully annoy. The closest place I can liken it to was my highschool anthem which none of the students bothered to learn (so the lyrics were displayed up on screen) and were forced to sing at the beginning of every school assembly.

this server is literally the epitome of hurr durr i was just pretending to be retarded meanwhile everyone here is an idiot! they all told me they supported global neo-liberalism and sterilising men and Islam taking over the world AND mass cicumcisicion for everyone... then i come back later and i assume they felt bad from me destroying then with PewResaerch facts... and they all seemed to be right wing?? i called them out on so easily changing their opinion because i destroyed then with facts in a classic i told you so manner... they all called me retarded... and said and I quote here no paraphrasing "you're a fucking retard lmfao how low is your fucking iq retart(sic)" now forgetting the irony of them mispelling 'retard' they went on to say "l2 meta-irony" this was very ironic if i do say so myself... all just so they couldn't admit my facts AND logic changed their minds i mean god the hubris of these people is monsterable... needless to say I will not be rejoining anytime soon...

hey guys, heen here back with another discord post

Ok. An aside : you people are pants on head about relationships. Are emotionally stunted and I really enjoy watching your trainwrecks.

yeah its almost like you're some weird sorta sociopath who gets off on negative attention

as i sit here in my bed listening to snowing. i cry. cry hard. thinking of my ex girlfriend, who left me btw. then my thoughts float towards my current girlfriend who i am dating through discord. her sleep calls mean nothing to me. her kiss noises into the mic? i feel nothing. i have reached total catatonia. no amount of voice calling with my girlfriend can fix me now

Listen. I’m breaking down right now, nothing i do should be unforgiven. Everything you do right now, while responding to my break down is crucial and will be promptly responded with a ghosting if needed. You need to understand that YOU are responsible for how this plays out. So try and not end up on my legs as another mistake.

Les transvestites de la soniacord...

sowwy 4 potty wokkin (/ω\)

hey guys, heen here back with another discord post

I smoke marijuana to calm my violent urges and destroy physical objects and interpersonal relationships around me at impulse, I constantly am fighting off a face ripping boredom that I fear may one day drive me to commit a horrendous list of crimes which would make everyone very disappointed in me but not surprised, when I'm not doing those things I'm making fun of people online from all walks of life and half of the time making fun of myself through clever use of ironic layering, a post meta-ironic self referential humour that only those in on the dog whistle will understand.

lil anime bich DIE

Do you think the bazinga baby eats big bang bazinga bing bong burgers

things Miya and I have in common
1. 100% dk64
2. cute lolis who are high iq
3. high iq
4. good allies
5. think of your crush name
6. copy paste this to 3 chats
8. your crush will kiss you on Monday or else you will be cursed if you don't copy paste this timmy year 1963 died because he did not copy paste this
9. you didn't notice I skipped 7
10. you're checking now
11. you're smiling
12. this are 12 facts not 10!!!!

personally i worship the marvel interpretation of norse mythology, which i think is the purest and closest to what the old norse actually believed

my son's names: Danger, Power, Maximilian, Justice, Gun, 1920s Boxer

this server is a machine to turn young healthy boys into cute anime girls

*headpats the undisputed one and only irrevocable menace to society yeah that's right you know who the fuck it is ya boi fanny pack wiimote spectrobes legend soup speedrunner with the peacock feather on the polkadot trilby*

babies wearing halloween costumes will win the culture war

Discord is like katawa shoujo except it's at a school for the mentally impared


I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're refering to as NEET, is in fact, aristocrat/NEET, or as I've recently taken to calling it, aristocrat+NEET. NEET is not a kind of person unto itself, but rather a category under which a fully functioning Aristocrat system operates, made productive by reading, research and projects comprising a fully upstanding individual as defined by traditional society.

Should have let me be the inside man, you're a notorious guy after all, one doesn't gaslipulate a trap harem and stay off the hrt radar

So my 14 year old sister just showed me this children's TV show creepypasta youtube analysis video, and frankly, I've never been more hebephilic in my life

can this be a xavier renegade angel server instead of a 12 oz mouse server

guys im watching this anime and i'm really bummed cuz the intro song was super cool for season 1 and now season 2 comes and this is why animes should never have season 2s can anyone help me out here im kind of in a slump rn if yuou catch my feel cuz it's reminding me of how life will never stay the same and i'm afraid of change like when i was in 2nd grade and my teacher got pregnant and abandoned us the second semester it was the first glimpse of how i am afraid of the unknown cuz it was like this role model i looked up to was replaced because of a fucking kid when she has 20 kids who depend on her for an education and then we got some 20 year old floozy who didnt know jack shit bout teaching she was a substitute teacher who got a really long gig and she was cute but she didn't have that mommy appeal you know and so the same thing happened when i joined my first skype group at 14 and we were all so close but then slowly started talking less and less and eventually they all got normie friends but i didnt and i was stuck staring at my computer empty and alone and afraid and eventually i joined more groups and met new people but that wasn't even fun because i still craved the friends i once knew like the first friend group i had made and i think a common theme in life is how i can't adjust to change but anyway guys got any new animes to reccomend to me cuz im dropping this one

oh my god guys oh my what the fuck have we doNE Jesus christ I'm losing it how could we have treated him that way what if he oh my good lord what if he's actually cutting : (((((