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On Crypto-Jacking

Hey Miya, what do you think about crypto-jacking?

Browser-based cryptojacking is a legitimate form of, and the inevitable future of, online ad revenue.

Cryptojacking isn’t essentially different in invasiveness or (negative) ethics than contemporary vectors, just more advanced, the natural next step. The marketing gets increasingly “machined,” next its audience. Why not target hardware over brainware? I’m tapping my foot waiting for the .io to drop.

What’s actually worse? Your UX webpage loading a 5MB node.js motherload of doohickeys and widget boxes that’ll run up 10% processing power in your shitty chromium browser for the 2 weeks you leave it as a background tab on your to-read list vs. an itty bitty cryptojacker.js borrowing 1% to earn some moneyro?

Hey fellow content providers! Not making enough off affiliate com’s? Here’s how you can earn more revenue using crypto technology with on easy plugin!

Why THE FUCK should “I” be paying server costs for this wonderful community YOU all use?


Patreon just ain’t gonna cut it!!

Hi there, I noticed you had a cryptoblocked turned on. Actually, we need cryptojacking to afford the costs of running this site, and so if you enjoy the content we share, it might be cool if you considered turning it off. If you want to view the site without cryptojacking, consider subscribe to my Patreon. Just a suggestion, thanks for being a fan!

Look buddy. If you don’t like it, why don’t you make your own site?? Am I supposed to making all this content for free or something? What am I, a slave?

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!