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On Medium

Hey Miya, what do you think about Medium?

Medium is elevated clickbait. Premium clickbait, if you will

And it erodes the dignity, if there ever was any, of the author into a content farm just as efficiently as Buzzfeed. No one clicks through to the author’s page and other articles. No one even navigates outside the app (which if you don’t install, will have your mobile page 30% covered in banners through your entire reading session) to click the hyperlink references. Users stay within the Medium ecosystem as Medium conmoditizes screen time only.

Generic clickbait makes money for every click through. Premium clickbait makes money for screen time. That’s the only difference between Buzzfeed and Medium.

The content requires just as much artificial modulation to achieve value on both platforms. The nature of Medium’s value-proposition just requires a pinch more subtlety, even as far as the algo-manipulation of its own authorbase goes, in hammering them into obedient content farms.

Self-hosted blogs are personal and sincere. There is no commodification of writing - beyond only the rudimentary innocence of fighting for traffic and popularity. Users receive the content as a whole in reference to the rest of the blog.

It’s very different from receiving content in reference to the rest of the centralized, algorithmically organized, hypermodulated, author-dissolved monolith that is Medium.

Closest 1.0 equivalent to Medium are fake and autogenerated affiliate sites. Not blogs.

No sentence written on Medium is sincere. Even at the very bottom level, it’s still just an entitled hipster faggot who got convinced every worthless action they do, every valueless “””content””” they shit out, deserves money. If someone told them they could get Paid Per Tweet, they’d come to expect that to.

Writing isn’t writing anymore. It’s content. & content isn’t content anymore. It’s a vehicle to build your brand (more like you’re brand, lol). Why is everyone trying to sell everything on the internet? Stop monetizing information.

"Content" is free and deserves to be. Entitled hipster faggots trying to scrounge up pennies exploiting innocence of the open internet deserve to die. Paywalling information is a crime, just like they love to do with indie games. If you want money so badly make something with actual value?

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!