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On Blocking

Hey Miya, what do you think about blocking?

Discord’s blocking was retarded for Discord and everyone thought so, but it’s perfect for Fedi. In discord, you would still see “1 blocked message” whenever that person posted, and could easily click to read it if you wanted (and would usually feel impelled to do so out of curiosity); really it was more of a filter than a block. But it is how fedi should implement it since true blocking at a personal level goes against the spirit of federation, and totally undermines conversation which is already a difficult and shitty experience to achieve on NotTwitter. People on Pleroma tend to believe in personal blocking over instance level blocking but I disagree. Instance level blocking is essential federation because it motivates against bad actor instances. Rn someone could easily break pleroma’s network by hosting a single instance filled with a constantly updating list of spam bots, and the only resolve would be for everyone to manually block each one. That some networks will define bad actors more loosely beyond just “spam & cp” is their own prerogative - space for self selection and network fractalization IS the spirit of federation. Personal blocking at a user level, however, undermines natural discourse. It only enables personal egoism at the expense of the community. Users should decide their block lists based on the instances they “subscribe” to (and moving accounts between instances /should/ be as easy as changing a subscription), not their own personal petty issues. It is incredibly selfish to block a person because they personally offended you because it weakens the ability for the whole network to have understandable, cohesive conversation-threads. If done at scale it’ll eventually make the fediverse useless, with everyone yelling over each other in impossibly obscure personal networks. That you can’t even /tell/ whether or not you’ve been blocked is extremely egregious as it increases the lack of faith a user can have in their engagement with the network - a result akin to shadow ban anxiety, if it was intensified to every single unique individual you interact with. That’s another thing Discord’s retarded blocking system does right. It’s very easy and obvious to tell when you’ve been blocked. You’ll get an error if you DM them. And that’s really all personal blocking should extend to, blocking DMs, because anything beyond that is damaging the public commons and could be resolved by fucking off to another instance. personal blocking should be disabled, except for DMs. It makes conversation confused and broken. If it becomes normalized within networks that interact deeply with each other, it’ll eventually make basic conversation impossible since everyone’s experience of the dialogue would unique. Really, blocking /should/ be done by instances, and only them. The instance admins should be allowed to block both entire instances and individuals. And it should always be completely transparent who’ve they’ve chosen to block (and ideally, why). Finally, and essentially, users should be able to migrate easily between instances, just as easily as changing their display name. The result would be a moderation-subscription model. Users look at the different, fully transparent moderation policies, and their block lists, and decide which fits their taste. If you don’t like someone and your instance doesn’t want to block him, instead of risking the clarity of conversation for the entire network just for your own personal problems, you should instead migrate to a more accommodating instance. Self segregation is perfectly fine and a health expression of federation. Breaking communication at an individual level ain’t. If a personal blocking function really is necessary, it should be limited and like a filter, that still shows there’s a hidden message in the conversation and gives you the ability to view it if you want to, so you at least have some awareness that the conversation thread is broken.

Blocking anything except spam/bots is for the weak-willed. It's literally denial of reality.

The only blocker I will ever respect is the blocker who admits they blocked because they can't handle the emotional, intellectual or existential threat represented by the blockee. Because there is no possible reason one would resort to denial of reality than reality is a threat.

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!