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On Federated imageboards

Hey Miya, what do you think would be a cool use of federation?

Imageboards! I'd like to see what a federated imageboard looks like and it's something I've begin working on a paper with a friend about.

Static imageboards are in my opinion an ideal balance between 1.0 open endedness and 2.0 feature sets, but they've been inherently limited by a high momentum barrier of entry preventing free exit. This is something realtime imageboards solve but due to their low server costs & relatively small ideal community size (~10-50), ease of exit is already affirmed, so I don't see what value federation would bring beyond popularizing the realtime model.

However federation could solve static imageboards by allowing any server to contribute to a master board—imagine fedi but sectioned under usenet style topics. The issue arises in deciding what is accepted under what urls, e.g. is /g/ for technology or for guro? and would probably have to rely on a kind of instance-based vote/fork based system similar to blockchain.

An alternative purely fedi not based on existing platforms is left up to the imagination. perhaps some kind of xanadu social hypertext future.

Well, Miya, what do you think about NNTPchan?

NNTPchan is definitely a step forward but I’m not confident it solves imageboard’s critical issue of momentum barrier, which is what every attempt at a decentralized imageboard faces. They’re solving the wrong problem, the issue isn’t centralization, it’s reliable free exit.

Anyone can host imageboards easily, the problem is they need high critical momentum to not stay dead which is very rare to achieve. So even if everyone hates a board they can’t do anything about it. Decentralizing imageboards mitigates server costs and provides increased privacy (depending). Whoopee you got CP. it’s still just from Russian spambots trawling dead boards.

Of course it’s a good future proofed foundation, but it needs structural innovation to achieve an actual audience. I’ve mentioned before, imo real-time imageboards are the most promising thing, since the point of critical momentum seems to be only around ~10 active users as opposed to ~100-150

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!