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On Techno

Hey Miya, what's on your mind?

I've been thinking about techno and its irl scene.

For how future techno and its underground scene is-the only relevant, present/future-minded and genuinely underground offline scene-its impossible to find any kids online or anyone online with even marginal taste for it beyond yt/sc posers. You would think there would be a crossover with codekiddies and FOSSfags given the autism inherent in modular but it’s at most limited to some minimal kool kid ricing for an ironic photo op at the extreme.

You can bring ur thinkpad out to house parties and the art-rave kids “get” it’s cool and in-line but it’s still beyond them intellectually. Yet culturally they’re the only ones producing anything contemporary.

The art they make on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired. What value is there in their work when they’re totally oblivious to the actual zeitgeist driving online culture, instead only absorbing its modulated surface interpretations. Of all the artfucks I’ve known, I’ve only ever met one kid even familiar with 8ch. The techno scene is dominated by art kids just because they know it’s the only real (offline) contemporary underground. It doesn’t have to be though. The people who produce (relevant) techno are nerds, or scene kids pretending to be.

The problem is when computer dorks try to get “into” music digitally, and not by social influence, they end up in ego-ditches of various grades- reddit, /mu/, RYM, etc. They can’t help trying so hard to be cool, and they’re so bad at it. They miss the real thing The worst is when a nerd tries to build himself a little identity nest of genre expertise. At the highest level of autism, it just centers around arbitrarily picked genre(s) to obsess over, but at lower levels, they’re curated into a consciously “cool” set, again of various grades. Might be vaporwave memes or postpunk/industrial or japanoise, whatever. The ego and loneliness is obvious in everything they choose.

Sufficiently “good” taste in techno to be scene is so easy too I don’t get why internet dorks struggle with it so hard. It literally just takes identifying the handful of forward thinking labels. Music is all patterns, electronic more starkly than most-working techno is just tracks that follow correct patterns and good techno just whatever predicts the forward edge of the pattern evolution.

Strong labels are already run by the kind of guys who can predict accurately, so even if you can’t immediately tell “this is good” intuitively, it’s still piss easy for the low IQ & beautiful hanger on art kids/models to play pretend and no one cares bc they’re just there for a good party anyway. So why don’t the internet fuckers too? It’s pounding repetitive music in a dark room filled with drugs and randoms who don’t care. Why LARP the matrix-SE:L cyberpunk look online when u can live it too

Wow, now that's pretty interesting. Thanks for the update Miya!