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On Mastodon calling Pleroma Nazi

Hey Miya, why do people on Mastodon keep calling Pleroma "nazi"?

when mastodon users call pleroma nazi they don’t mean actual political nazis. I think they mean anyone who uses racist, hateful language or holds discriminatory beliefs etc. Which mastodon has more of in absolute numbers but Pleroma does relatively.

Ironically, it’s not hard coded into either software. Pleroma & it’s dev team is entirely apolitical (except as far as being apolitical is itself a political stance), and while Mastodon’s team, marketing and flagship server are politicized, none of it’s actually hardcoded. The CoC for example is just a default suggestion, but can easily be changed. Many racist and hate instances are hosted using Mastodon without problem. Pleroma just has a relatively higher frequency of “”“Nazis””” (of the free speech, anything goes stripe), and far as I can tell it’s because they have a distinct tendency to be more attracted to well written, lightweight code over bloatware. That’s literally the differentiating factor. Go figure.

But Miya, why doesn't everyone just use the better software?

they don’t know any better, they’re here for the social network not the tech which is perfectly sensible. It’s the bad faith actions of the devs that are at fault, exploiting their audience to try and create a fedi monolith to exert some kind of “control” over the network by stepping beyond the role of software development to publically pander to anti-free speech "progressive" values.

It won’t work of course, Mastodon has probably already read its peak. The devs played a short term strategy to scoop the cuck audience, but they’re just blindly following where the party goes, their mod policies are hardly sustainable in federation except for micro instances that keep things internal.

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!