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neocities is cool no one told me they moved to IPFS. too bad you have to use their web API to upload. but it happens instantly unlike github pages wow neocities are cool https://blog.neocities.org/blog/2015/09/08/its-time-for-the-distributed-web.html >Replacing HTTP sounds crazy. It is crazy! But HTTP is broken, and the craziest thing we could possibly do is continue to use it forever >The web we were intended to have was decentralized, but the web we have today is very quickly becoming centralized, as billions of users become dependent on a small handful of services.... Regardless of whether you think this is a legitimate tradeoff, this was not how HTTP was intended to be used. >When content is hypercentralized, it makes us highly dependent on the internet backbones to the datacenters functioning. Aside from making it easy for governments to block and censor content, there are also reliability problems...the internet backbone isn’t perfect, it’s easy to attack it, and it’s easy for service to get affected by a few important fiber lines getting cut. >IPFS is general purpose, and has little in the way of storage limitations. It can serve files that are large or small. It automatically breaks up larger files into smaller chunks, allowing IPFS nodes to download (or stream) files from not just one server like with HTTP, but hundreds of them simultaneously. The IPFS network becomes a finely-grained, trustless, distributed, easily federated Content Delivery Network (CDN). This is useful for pretty much everything involving data: images, video streaming, distributed databases, entire operating systems, blockchains, backups of 8 inch floppy disks, and most important for us, static web sites. >Long-term, if things go well, we want to use IPFS for storing all of our sites, and issue IPNS keys for each site. This would enable users to publish content to their site independently of us. If we do it right, even if Neocities doesn’t exist anymore, our users can still update their sites. We effectively take our user’s central dependence on our servers and smash it to pieces, permanently ruining our plans for centralized world domination forever. this is a good post. im super into strongly opinionated software and they're super cute about it too. as far as i can tell, current status of neocities IPFS was first automatically backing up any new updates to any of their sites to IPFS accessible through ther IPFS gate way since 2015 (resulting in archiving of all sites updated afterr 2015 including iterated versions), and in 2017, added IPFS DNS support (so sites can be accessed directly on a neocities IPFS domain) https://blog.neocities.org/blog/2017/08/07/ipfs-dns-support.html and they have a CLI client! https://github.com/neocities/neocities-ruby the two caveats I had with using neocities as a free host over GH pages is git offers CLI uploading and versioning; with this fixing the former and the latter being accomplished with IPFS. and the initial impulse against it was always that it seemed highly vulnerable to a Yahoo shutdown. I had no idea they were making moves towards the distributed web with long-term stability in mind. now im super into neocities! -- using custom domains does require paid sub. what it's perfect for is one-off site; it provides much easier anonymity by not attaching a GH username to the url forcing alts or being directly tied to all your other procects, and not having the source code google indexed (which it does for master branches), which makes the user account hosted to the site easily discovered even when a custom domain is applied assuming they're not paying for a private account (then why not just use that money for a VPS to self-host git and your own site lol?)

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!