Miya Black Hearted Metal Angel Baby

On Pixelfed

Hey Miya, what do you think about Pixelfed?

The only value pixelfed has as an “Instagram alternative” is optimizing it for the accidentally derived (and highly valuable) function of a memeshare social network, something you also see within telegram and fb groups. As they’re all accomplished through misuse of the uninnovative platforms, it obviously leaves much to be desired. How is there still no proper social network designed for memesharing?

More likely than not though pixelfed will continue following the brain dead fedi model of blindly cloning Web 2.0 platforms without consideration of or innovation on its harmful design, let alone innovation made using the nature of federation. Instagram was designed to exploit users and treat them as products in attention economy; blinding clonely an exact imitation of that design + federation is not innovation, it’s not valuable, it’s not intelligent and it’s not any less harmful except where the design gets accidentally broken - it’s just dumb.

Fedi is at the stage where devs try to limit, twist and distort their platform to achieve a base imitation of the pre-existing ones, without regard for the unique qualities offered by their own platform; similar to the early stage of film simply imitating theater or photography imitating painting.

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!