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On Shitposting

Hey Miya, what do you think about shitposting?

Shitposting is woke because it requires removing your ego from social communication. If you're self-conscious about your """reputation""" you can't risk doing a bit because your fellow normie fucks might mistake you for your character. this is why the rare times a normie tries to "troll," they have to loudly and clearly signal to all their followers before and after so that it can be recognized as part of their social identity. Just like even cracking a joke around idiots requires a /sarcasm for it to be understood. Normies can't properly shitpost because it's very important to them people know they're joking because otherwise someone might think they're stupid, and that's terrible.

But Miya, memes are just dumb jokes!

True memes are the DNA of the soul, but the normie idea of memes are a malformed, neutered half-meme. poor zoomers will never experience true memeing. The problem was when memes were drawn out from shitposting as a practice/POV into a shareable packaged form.

But Miya, I'm here for serious discussion! Not jokes!

The truth is, all discussion online is "shitposting" in the sense that it's non-serious. Some people are just too hubristic to understand that. There isn't any worthwhile discussion to be had on the internet. The only worth that anyone has ever derived out of conversation on the internet is picking up new topics or avenues to research /on their own/. If you walked away from your enlightening conversation and didn't do any continued reading on the subject and actually just accepted what you learned from that alone, you didn't learn anything, and you're still an idiot.

But Miya, why bother shitposting? What's the point?

because shitposting is meaningful. humor is always deeply embedded with meaning. its impossible for a joke to be funny and not be meaningful. the more funny it is, the more meaningful it is. good shitposting is highly condensed meaning.

You see, dear reader, all conversation is really shitposting at heart, its the truest nature of online communication. the only question is how well tuned in you are to it; which is mostly preoccluded by the absurdly massive egos of people online.

its also something that extends beyond the poster themselves.

Okay Miya, what about trolls? They're just mean because they're insecure, right?

No, no. trolling is woke, and noble too. Its performing a service by breaking down people's egos and the shallow walls they put up. trolling is only ever accomplished by exploiting people's hubris. Trolling at its most basic form is being more intelligent than you're target but acting dumber than them. Unfortunately, for the most part they are usually too dumb to learn from the encounter, instead indulging in their ego further and trying to push the blame back onto the troll for their weaknesses.

That's also why little people prefer packaged memes. They want to join in on the fun without letting it intrude on their obsession with being whiny self absorbed bitches.

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!