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Hey Miya, what doy ou think about posting with an account?

I strongly feel your identity or “neuro” condition or whatever, shouldnt have any reflection on what you say, rather the content of the post - even if it directly contradicts what you argued last week. People who talk from that perspective tend to express their ideas muddled and inefficiently and it makes them very emotionally vulnerable online, which is just silly. The second best thing to achieve ego elimination in posting in an identity based forum, besides multiple compartmentalized persona-alts, is to build an identity of evasiveness and contradiction, resulting in an effectively neutered and ignored identity. So undermining myself is good.

So Miya, you're saying anonymity is good?

Yep, I think anonymous discourse is the purest form of online discussion. Ego-identity is a cancer. But we’re on a pseudonymous platform so we have to do what we can to mitigate it. We’re not anonymous on fediverse bc we all have accounts with names and such, so the best thing we can do is be chaotic and self contradictory so that each post or post-thread stands on its own merit.

But Miya, my account isn't my real life name. There's no way to find who I am, isn't that anonymous?

when I say anonymity here I mean it in the posting and in contrast to psuedonymity. As in, a post on 4chan is anonymous because it does not have any name or account it is tied to, unlike a reddit post, which will have a username which you can look and read their other posts. Even if the user account is still anonymous in regards to his irl identity, the posts aren’t anonymous - they’re pseudonymous.

Well, Miya, what's so bad about that?

It results in the user beginning to form an identity, an image of himself as he’s presented on that particular forum with that particular username, and attempt to uphold and stay true to that identity. This result is insincerity, now he might’ve wanted to say something but didn’t because he didn’t want to look dumb, rude, politically incorrect etc because it might influence his reputation which will influence how other people interact with him.

If the posting was anonymous, where every post stands alone disconnected from any other, those petty concerns would have zero influence on what you write, putting the content first and above anything else.

Miya, are you saying posting with an account is kind of like tripfagging?

Yep, exactly.

Okay, Miya, but what about places like 8chan that have random ID's applied for each thread?

Thread IDs can and do result in temporary ego-identities especially when people get I’m drawn out debates. It’s not as serious a condition though because they’re lost between threads, but it does have the result where people continue trying to win a debate they would’ve otherwise given up to impulsively “save face”.

It’s very easy to give up an anonymous debate, you can just call him a fag and walk away. But when you feel like people are watching you try hard to win and end up drawing t out and arguing disingeously.

So then why do some boards have them, Miya?

Newfags think IDs help make conversation clearer because you can see who’s on what side (dumb because the content is relevant, not the person posting it and anyway you easily learn to naturally read that kind of thing from content and typing convention) and it stops samefagging (as if that was ever a problem, people “win” arguments from debate not by manufacturing a social consensus). It’s just cancerous thinking brought in from reddit etc because they can’t get how to talk without talking and thinking about themselves, because they aren't used to proper anonymous posting on imageboards. They apply Chesterton's Fence and try to fix nonexistent problems on a platform that they don't understand.

Okay, Miya, but about shills that fake discussion?

they just need to not ban community moderation, Eg sagebombing, gore dumping etc

It’s also very easy to do that with a VPN anyway. You think JDF doesn’t have one? People spot psyops every day on /pol/ and it’s not done through the IDs

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!