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I've been studying leftist "trolls".

There’s this one mastodon user who’s built her identity on a distorted normie-feminist form of “””shitposting””” that consists of making obviously disingenuous linux-related “trolls” (if it wasn’t obvious she wouldn’t be able to signal to her audience it’s “trolling”) by pretending to be clueless about tech, trying to bait actual autists - whom if you navigate to their profile you can see they are genuinely of the type missing the ability to understand irony - into innocently answering her question or correcting her mistake. She then points and laughs at them, ridiculing them as an example of “techbros” “mainsplaining”.

Her normie audience joins the comment thread to balk at the autist’s lack of nuance, and to praise her for what a good “troll” and “shitposter” she is. In larger threads, some “recovering techbros” will take the opportunity to signal their attempts to be “better than that.” In some cases, they’re just normal people who saw her out of context post in the timeline because they’re hastagged. Since her entire joke is role playing a clueless bimbo, there’s no reason for them to assume it’s insincere and help her accordingly.

What she’s attempting to demonstrate is the theory that subconsciously, men in tech believe a woman’s level of understanding of technology is lower than men’s, so they treat her like a baby. What she’s really demonstrating is that very dumb questions most people would ignore otherwise, tend to be handled with a higher frequency and extra patience when poised by women. I’m not sure if she’s aware but her tendency to post her own nudes/lewds on her profile (even advertised on her description) is a major contributing factor to raising the standard of tolerance (it’s also probably just more of her insecurity expressing itself in praise seeking) esp in regards to autists.

Basically, she’s exploiting the autistic inability to understand insincerity along with their basic male sexual desire expressed as white knight help forcing, and twisting that into an unrelated commentary on sexism in the industry. The only sexism she’s uncovered is people’s willingness to help clueless women and assume they’re acting sincerely; not proving an assumption that they’re clueless despite evidence to the contrar,y, because it’s never provided.

The lack of empathy female tech writers have for nerdy autism always surprises me despite always claiming alliance to “neurodivergence” or against “ableism”. I have only ever seen it extend to “safe” and palatable mental illness, like anxiety, depression or dysphoria, whose torment is interior and only self-destructive, not anything that could actually risk the lefty’s own fragile mental state such as schizophrenia, bpd, sociopathy or autism; who are all thrown under the bus in favor of themselves.

The extreme lack of self awareness, large egoism and utter stupidity of their attempt to “troll” feels very absurd too. She can’t even engage on any level except the predefined grounds she set: autist taking a joke question literally and answering it sincerely. And then she basks in the brigaded praise that forms around as she brags about her expertise in “trolling.”

Despite the disingenuity of her practice, I’m fairly sure she’s eating her own bullshit. And that’s terrible.

For example:

Ironically, that guy was shitposting on her, and accidentally counter-trolled the so-called master troll. 🤷‍♀️

It’s also interesting to see that they’re so strongly invested in their predetermined “trolling” that they’re oblivious to the possibility of someone riffing on their “shitpost” to discuss an interesting idea adjacent to it, and interpret all responses that aren’t loudly signaled “shitposts” as falling for it (including the quietly signaled shitposts that end up counter-trolling, often on accident, like the OP example) E.g. This thread, where a user appears to be fully aware that he’s responding to a shitpost and wasn't only indirectly engaging with it, and yet is idiotically mocked.

And it’s also interesting how many failed attempts to bait are made before success, especially when they’re usually given a call-out saying it’ll be a big one, /especially/ in the face of constant bragging and praise about being a great troll. Any good troll can predict the response and reaction with relative accuracy, but it seems like her sensors are totally disrupted by the insecurity and ego motivating her practice, as well as her evaluation of past success. They’ll constantly predict, oh man here comes a shitstorm, with nothing resulting. It’s just more internal social signaling.

Gee Miya, that's pretty crazy!

It’s pretty similar to the feminist tinder accounts you see on Instagram, where they mock the messages from old, ESL or third world men for being misogynist. It’s inherently classist and “ableist” but there’s a free pass given because feminism takes priority, and because it’s inherently rooted in their own insecurity in using the app invariably ineffectively as older, lonely & broken feminists with the fragile egos, degenerating health that is rooted in that hateful worldview. In there too, users join the comments to balk at and mock the wrong behavior of the shamed men while praising the OP for “trolling” and bravery.

It’s odd that signal so loudly about ableism and neurodivergence when they explicitly discriminate against those with social handicaps. The expected requirement to internalize these right expectations or risk being publicly shamed requires advance social nuance that even mildly autistic people are definitely not capable of. It’s very sad to watch happen. They know very well they’re throwing these strangers into the fire by secretly putting them under a hidden spotlight and tearing them apart for a single wrong move. Ive watched countless autists fall under their fire, with zero sympathy provided for their obvious confusion.

The entire practice is mean spirited and hateful, and highly discriminatory. I know they don’t believe in such biological realities as gendered difference in social IQ and hormonal related emotional vs rationalness, but it also very much a female induced environ that requires expressed effort from men to compete and succeed in. It’s hardly worth anyone’s time.

Wow, now that's pretty interesting. Thanks for the update Miya!