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On Pronouns

Hey Miya, what do you think about respecting a transperon's pronouns?

I support my trans friends and follow their pronouns personally, but I also think it’s everyone’s right to believe what they want. If they reject the concept of social transition as a medically valid practice and further, consider it ethically wrong and socially harmful, it’s their right not to respect pronouns. Forcing them to do so would be forcing them to violate their personal ethics just to protect a person's feelings.

But Miya, why would transitioning be ethically or socially wrong?

The argument for transitioning being medically ethically wrong:

  1. No other mental illness is “treated” by enabling the mental delusions rather than therapy seeking to resolve or mitigate it
  2. It arguably results in higher suicide rates
  3. Doctors tend to overzealously recommending transitioning before ensuring it is a true case of dysphoria

Arguments for being harmful to society:

  1. Weakens gender roles (=break down of family structure, lowered reproductive rates, higher rates of single mother households)
  2. Normalizes homosexuality (due to mid/transitioned people causing confused feelings, similar to traps) (=highly self-destructive behavior)

These aren't necessarily my own beliefs but that’s the position someone might hold, in which case it would be unethical for them to further enable the transition process by respecting pronouns. You may feel they’re wrong to hold those beliefs, but again, I believe everyone has the right to their own beliefs and shouldn’t be forced to act against them in a way they feel is unethical just to accommodate someone’s feelings.

Okay Miya, but what do you think about using "cis" to describe non-trans people?

It’s a subversion because words already existed to describe the thing, e.g. real women or normal women, but they were replaced to hide implications of that factual description, that trans women aren’t actually normal or real (you can argue but the chromosomes don’t lie). Using cis is newspeak designed to cloud that truth, and its a common part of the leftist playbook.

They did the same thing with inventing “neurodivergent” to replace “mentally ill” to hide the fact that these are not normal, mentally healthy people, which they now use "neurotypical" to describe.

They do the same thing with replacing the legal technical term “illegal alien” with “illegal immigrant” (a technical impossibility, an immigrant is by definition a legal resident) to then “undocumented immigrant” - which would actually legally refers to any permanent resident or citizen who isn’t carrying identification at the moment, thereby redefining an illegal alien as a citizen without a drivers license through language subversion.

But Miya, calling cis women "normal" is just mean to trans-women! It's like going up to a someone who's had several failed pregnancies and saying "Remember, you're infertile!"

The new words were invented to replace existing terms with the intention occlude the reality of what they’re describing, not to protect feelings. They didn’t start calling illegal aliens “undocumented immigrants” because they were worried alien would hurt their feelings. They did it to advance the program of normalizing illegal alien citizenship.

Using “real” woman might seem hurtful but “normal” certainly shouldn’t be. No matter how deluded a person gets in the transitioning process, they will never be unaware that are in fact biologically and historically post-trans even if they hope to socially pass as otherwise, and that dysphoria is definitely not normal. Cis is newspeak whose only purpose is specifically to occlude that fact, and up until it was invented and enforced top down, it was never “rude” or “insulting” to use the now-banned, natural language.

And your analogy would be accurate if the infertile woman was masquerading as pregnant with balloons under her shirt and people applied any accurate term to describe them, such as, fake pregnant, or perhaps, pregnantn’t. Yes maybe this contributes to the discrimination and abuse they experience when they try to get seats on the subway but it not a reason to relabel “actually pregnant” people as pregA vs their pregB.

That said, because transpeople have been taught to find those terms hurtful and are already a vulnerable class, I personally use "cis," even though I feel it is subversive language advancing a larger, destructive political agenda who victimizes trans people for their own purposes.

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!