Miya Black Hearted Metal Angel Baby

project/activity based classes are a fair reason to grade attendance since you’re doing work in the class, though in that case it’s really grading the class work performed; grading attendance is literally just grading the act of locating your body in the room. I’ve had quite a few immature teachers do it for ego reasons, the same ones that don’t let you use your laptop because then they feel no one is paying attention (maybe there’s a reason?) and many that I think do it just bc it seems like what you’re supposed to do. The rare professor I’ve had that’s sociable, considerate AND intelligent never do. Maybe my uni is bad about prepping them on the basic concepts of teaching and course design, I understand most professors dgaf about teaching and are just doing it so they can keep doing research. It’s the ones that are both unintelligent and try to be engaged/into teaching that are the problem. It’s why I always avoid female professors now, they more often than not pull this idiotic shit.

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!