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On Differentiating Traps & Trans

Hey Miya, what's the difference between Traps and Trans?

there’s 2 meanings of trap. One is a trans slur, the 2nd definition (that likely has its roots in the 1st) describes a separate queer identity of a homosexual cisgendered boy who tries to pass as a cis girl; not rooted in gender dysphoria, explicitly a homosexual fetish. Transfolk want to remove “trap” from the vernacular bc of its use as a slur but w/o providing an alternative (let alone getting the trap community to agree to it) it’s erasure.

imo trap has a wider use as a queer identity than as a trans slur today even in the normiesphere. Online in zoomer memeland it 100% does. And a binary identity does not preclude identifying as a trap. It’s a sexual identity not a gender identity.

But Miya, are traps gay?

It's simple. In a copulation of 2 people:

That's it!

Hm... but Miya, what about reverse traps?

Reverse traps are the least gay because they play with the elements of masculinity with still their true femininity still shines clear (if it doesn’t, they’re a dyke).

This requires inherently strong femininity, that hidden under a masculine veneer (yet subtly accentuated in its contrast) they still have a sexual energy akin to a lesser girl forced to emphasize basic surface femininity to extend her own limited femininity.

The fact is, girl-boys are more girly than girl-girls. So if you like girly girls, you’re gay, but you’re still not as straight as liking girl-boys!

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!