Miya Black Hearted Metal Angel Baby

On GNU/Linux

Hey Miya, what do you think about GNU/Linux?

Anyone who usss #systemdicks #gnu/retarded #linux is TECHNICALLY retarded. Fact.

If u use #systemdicks Linux in 2018 u are more technically retarded than a windows user. W10 is literally more woke.

the ascetic halfway on the path to enlightenment who falsely thinks he has reached it is further than the novice who just began the journey. Fact.

have you ever heard the parable of the raft linuxcucks?

When reaching a river you must cross to continue your journey you might build a raft to cross it. Once you’ve crossed that river, you discard the raft for its purpose is done. Only a fool would carry it on

Hello?? UNIX philosophy anyone?

For #linuxcucks in the room... programs do one thing and do it well... pipe sinple programs together to perform complextasks ... simple algorithms better than complex ones... sometimes you might write a program to solve computation and then throw it away when you get the answer..and that’s ok...

oh my god... linux is literally unwoke... "im installing BSD tonight!!" - ex linux weenie

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!