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On Differentiating Traps & Trans

Hey Miya, what's the difference between Traps and Trans?

there’s 2 meanings of trap. One is a trans slur, the 2nd definition (that likely has its roots in the 1st) describes a separate queer identity of a homosexual cisgendered boy who tries to pass as a cis girl; not rooted in gender dysphoria, explicitly a homosexual fetish. Transfolk want to remove “trap” from the vernacular bc of its use as a slur but w/o providing an alternative (let alone getting the trap community to agree to it) it’s erasure.

imo trap has a wider use as a queer identity than as a trans slur today even in the normiesphere. Online in zoomer memeland it 100% does. And a binary identity does not preclude identifying as a trap. It’s a sexual identity not a gender identity.

But Miya, are traps gay?

Wow, now I truly see. Thanks Miya!